Carl O'Donnell

Carl is passionate when it comes to swimming and has an impressive background in competitive swimming. Carl has been at the top of his game in Freestyle and Butterfly since a young age, winning many national open and age group titles. As a Freestyle specialist he competed internationally between 2001 and 2012, including the 2012 London Olympic games where he recorded a 100m Freestyle split of 48.74 seconds. Carl still competes recreationally in Ocean swims, where he has placed 1st in his age group in the 2016 New Zealand Ocean Swim Series and 1st overall male in the 2016 Takapuna Beach Series.

Carl has spent 15 years perfecting technique and skills. He has worked with multi sport athletes, open water swimmers, competitive swimmers and beginners to help with technique, skills and training advice. He is the perfect teacher to help anyone improve their technique to become a faster, more efficient swimmer.

Jess Retter

Jess has been a competitive swimmer for 8 years swimming for the HPK swimming club. She has competed at New Zealand National age group champs and New Zealand Open champs, being a national age group medalist in Backstroke. She has also competed in multiple ocean swimming events including New Zealand open water champs. Jess has 3 years’ experience coaching and teaching swimming at the HPK swimming club and Swimgym.

Orinoco Faamausili-Banse-Prince

​Orinoco (Ori) has had tremendous success as a swimmer. He specializes in Freestyle and Butterfly swimming. He was the fastest Freestyler New Zealand had ever seen when he hit the scene at a young age, setting a New Zealand record in the 50m Freestyle which he held for 8 years. Ori won a gold medal and set a New Zealand and world junior record at the 2008 World Youth Swimming Championships in the 50m Freestyle with a time of 22.37 seconds. He represented New Zealand at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 in the men’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay.  Ori has won many national titles as a Freestyler making him one of the most successful freestyle sprinters New Zealand has ever had.

Ori knows exactly what it takes to achieve at the very highest level. He still competes in swimming sprint events and continues to coach and mentor other swimmers in their pursuit of achieving their goals. He has a keen interest in advancements in training techniques and continues to grow and learn.


Swimming is for everyone

The great thing about swimming is no matter what level or age you are, swimming is for everyone. Anyone can learn to swim good enough to join a swim squad and take part in fun and challenging sessions. It is a full body workout combining cardio fitness and strength training all in one and is low impact on the body which poses very little risk of getting injured. Our squads cater to all abilities. We have different lanes for different levels, from beginners right up to elite triathletes and ocean swimming age-group champions.

Swimming is fun

Swimming is an extremely rewarding and fun way to keep fit and healthy. Swimming with a group of like-minded people in a structured session makes it even more fun and rewarding while chasing improvement. Our swim sessions are not always conventional, we put a large focus on variability and fun.

Swimming is technical

Technique in swimming can take you a long way. Improving on your swimming has to be a combination of working on changing technical habits, speed and fitness. This makes swimming very rewarding with so many disciplines to work on to make you faster you will never plateau and get bored. Never be afraid of stepping back the pace to work on technique, sometimes we need to go backwards in order to go forwards at a later date. Changing habits in swimming can slow you down initially but once the habit becomes second nature it can take you to a new level. Most the sessions at SWIM360 have a technique component.  

Swimming can be a difficult and at times frustrating discipline to improve on. Having the help of an experienced and passionate swim coach can make all the difference and help you towards your goals.

Whatever your level of swimming, from beginner to advanced we can help you with things like stroke technique, swimming fitness, swimming strength, speed and skills.

Private 1:1 lessons

– A technique focused analysis session

– This is a one on one flexible session to help you improve your technique, helping you to become more efficient in the water

– Private lessons are held at Next Gen, Auckland Domain

30min – $50

60min – $95

Adult Swimming Squads

– Swim Squads at Next Gen, Auckland Domain

– Improve your swimming fitness, technique and speed in a social fun environment, get started in one of our squads.  All abilities are welcome!